Heidi Wilke SANE/SART Survivor Program - Specialized care for sexual assult victims

About the Program

Heidi Wilke

Care, comfort and dignity are what you need most following a sexual assault. We want you to know that you are not alone, that you have options thanks to the Heidi Wilke SANE/SART Survivor Program at Methodist Hospital. Development of this state-of-the-art program was facilitated by Heidi Wilke and her husband, Jeff. Heidi, an assault victim herself, vowed to first survive her rape and then to help others.

How the Program Started
Heidi Wilke was attacked and raped following a business meeting in Downtown Omaha. Acutely aware of the special needs of sexual assault victims, Heidi and her husband decided to help other victims. As a result, this couple was instrumental in the development of the first SANE/SART Program in the Omaha area. The Wilkes have worked closely with the Methodist Hospital Foundation to spearhead fund-raising efforts to endow the program permanently.

All of the individuals you will meet here are specially trained to provide timely, compassionate, expert care—on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a person you can count on to listen to you, evaluate and tend to your health care needs, collect evidence, document findings and furnish referrals to the people, agencies and services that can help once you leave the hospital.

A Physician is another member of your team available to treat injuries and address any medical problems, large and small.

A Victim Advocate from the YWCA will support you before, during and after the exam. The advocate will also be able to refer you to ongoing individual and group counseling programs sponsored by the YWCA.

A Law Enforcement officer will maintain your safety, take custody of evidence and investigate the report.

Additional Resources are available as needed—laboratory and infection control staff, pastoral care, patient education and more.

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