Maternal Fetal Medicine & High Risk Pregnancy

Although most pregnancies go smoothly, some expectant moms and their babies may be at increased risk for health problems that need extra attention. At Methodist Fremont Health, our OB/GYN physicians provide a full range of care for women whose pregnancy may be affected by age, chronic health conditions, multiple gestation (more than one baby at a time) or other complications that may develop.

In addition, Methodist Fremont Health physicians maintain a close referral relationship with maternal-fetal specialists in Omaha, should mom or baby need that specialized care. Referral to a maternal-fetal specialist may feel alarming. But remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean your pregnancy will be difficult, or your baby will have health problems. Most often, it’s simply a precaution.

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Specialized Care for Mom and Baby

Our high-risk pregnancy services include maternal and fetal screening, diagnostic testing and consultative services. Specialties include:

Targeted ultrasound

This type of fetal ultrasound produces images of the baby in the uterus to target suspected problems, such as abnormal development.


A sample of the fluid that surrounds and protects a baby during pregnancy (amniotic fluid) is withdrawn from the uterus. Typically done after week 15 of pregnancy, amniocentesis can identify certain genetic conditions or abnormalities of the brain or spinal cord.

Cervical length measurement

Your doctor might use an ultrasound to measure the length of your cervix at prenatal appointments to determine if you're at risk of preterm labor.

Lab tests

Your doctor might take a swab of your vaginal secretions to check for fetal fibronectin, which might be a sign of preterm labor.