Cardiac Rehabilitation

Your doctor may prescribe cardiac rehab to help you recover from a heart attack and to help prevent another heart attack. Almost everyone who has had a heart attack can benefit from rehab. The heart is a muscle, and the right exercise will strengthen it.

But cardiac rehab isn't only about exercise. It also includes education, counseling, and learning about reducing your risk factors. Rehab will help you learn the best way to take care of yourself after having a heart attack and how to prevent having another one.

Cardiac Rehab is an outpatient program scheduled to meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. A team of cardiac nurses, respiratory therapists, exercise specialists, dieticians, pharmacists, Medical Social Workers and a diabetic specialist help coronary artery disease patients make necessary lifestyle changes. These changes include diet, exercise, weight control, smoking cessation and stress management. The program typically runs six to 12 weeks. During this time, a specific exercise program based upon individual needs is developed.  Each rehab session consists of both exercise and education.

Cardiac Rehab has a well-equipped exercise room in the Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Department, where patients gradually increase strength and endurance.

For more information: (402) 727-3645.