Women's Health Services

At Methodist Fremont Health, we’ve designed specialized physical therapy programs to meet the unique needs of women throughout every phase of life.

Depending on your needs, care may be provided by a single therapist or a team of physicians and rehabilitation professionals who develop a treatment plan tailored to your abilities and goals. Our objective is to help you regain the skills you need to be independent and live life to the fullest.

Learn more about our personalized programs below. To make your appointment with a rehabilitation specialist, call (402) 727-3329.


Pelvic Floor Therapy

Your physical therapist will work one-on-one with your help to manage the physical effects associated with pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency, pregnancy or postpartum. Your personal plan may involve neuromuscular re-education, a stretching and exercise program, relaxation and pain-relieving techniques.

Osteoporosis/Osteopenia Therapy

Multiple types of exercise can help promote bone growth and decrease the risk for fractures, such as weight-bearing, balance, postural, strengthening exercises and more. One of our experienced therapy specialists will develop a personalized exercise plan to help promote bone growth and prevent injury.

Prenatal and Postpartum Therapy

Hormone and postural changes during and after pregnancy make women more vulnerable to injury and numerous painful conditions. Through our emphasis on core strengthening and joint stabilization, we focus on building the strong foundation needed for busy moms and moms to be.

Breast Cancer/Mastectomy Care/Lumpectomy

Our breast health rehabilitation programs are designed to help women enhance their ability to function and improve their quality of life. Specialized lymphedema therapies reduce and control swelling. Post-mastectomy and lumpectomy techniques also promote healing, alleviate pain and help prevent the formation of scar tissue and soft tissue restrictions.

Pre- and Post-Operative Services

Our specialized therapists' education, exercises, and treatment for axillary cording.