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Aortic Dissection at Any Age: The Tyler Kahle Story
Tyler KahleThe tragic death of a young man named Tyler Kahle has transformed care at Methodist Hospital. After coming to us for treatment, Tyler died from an undetected rupture inside his chest, a tearing of the aorta called thoracic aortic dissection. He was just 19.

Methodist Hospital is working to raise awareness and help health care providers understand and act on the knowledge that
aortic dissection can occur at any age. The video “Aortic Dissection at Any Age: The Tyler Kahle Story,” produced with the help of Tyler's family, offers lifesaving information for medical professionals and the general public.

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Video: Aortic Dissection at Any Age

Our Recommendations to Health Care Providers and Online CME/CEU Program

Methodist recommends a three-question bundle, requiring just a minute or two of a care provider’s time, to identify chest pain patients with the highest pretest probability of aortic dissection. Nebraska Methodist College - The Josie Harper Campus also offers an online CME/CEU Program.

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Funding to help tell Tyler Kahle’s story and promote adoption of the aortic dissection bundle is provided by Methodist Hospital Foundation.