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Finding a Physician Just Got Easier

Finding the right physician is such a key part of your health care journey. Your doctor is that person who you trust to keep you healthy. helps you find that physician.

We say that our doctors exemplify the Meaning of Care, and now you can see it for yourself.

Our new physician search offers physician video profiles that give you insight into the reasons why they entered the medical field, what’s important in a doctor-patient relationship and other interesting personal insights to help you pick the perfect doctor.

Other features of include:

  • Videos of our physicians answering health questions on various topics such as asthma, osteoporosis, thumb sucking, hypertension and much more.
  • A location map to help you find a Methodist Physicians Clinic location in the metro area and Iowa that is convenient to you.
  • Media news stories featuring our health care providers.

So grab your laptop, find a comfortable place to settle in, see how our physicians live the Meaning of Care and choose the right physician for you and your family.