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Linda Gingrich Is August DAISY Award Winner

Linda Gingrich, RN, at the Methodist Hospital Cath Lab, was honored at a recognition ceremony on Monday, August 26, as the August DAISY award winner.

Linda was nominated for the honor by a Methodist Hospital nurse whose mother was admitted to the Cath Lab for a cardiac catheterization, explaining, "Mom was very nervous and thought for sure they would be doing open heart surgery" following a positive finding on a routine stress test.

In the OR waiting area, upon greeting the tearful mom, whose blood pressure was rising due to worry and stress, Linda immediately began explaining the possibility of a false positive on the stress test and reassuring her about the catheterization procedure.

Describing Linda's care and caring, the daughter wrote, "My mom's whole outlook that day changed. She went into the procedure confident and hopeful. All of Mom's nurses were wonderful that day, but Linda went above and beyond taking care of a patient. She reached out to Mom, saw she was anxious, asked her why, calmed her fears and truly touched her heart with her compassion and caring. The care that she provided not only eased Mom's mind, but her BP came back to normal, and she made it through the procedure without incident. I cannot say enough about what this nurse did for my mother that day." 


The DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates extraordinary skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. Nurses can be nominated by anyone, including patients, family members, physicians, supervisors or their peers.

To nominate a nurse at Methodist Hospital or Methodist Women’s Hospital, visit