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October 23, 2013

Methodist Offers Free Lung Cancer Risk Assessment for Vets: Nov. 1-11

A Veteran's Day Salute:  November Is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Methodist Hospital’s Lung/Thoracic Oncology Clinic invites veterans in Omaha and the surrounding communities to call for an assessment of their risk for lung cancer and the potential benefits and risks of CT screening from Nov. 1 through Nov. 11.

Methodist has partnered with the Lung Cancer Alliance and Vietnam Veterans of America to offer free lung cancer risk assessments to veterans in our community.

Methodist is the only hospital in Omaha and Nebraska to be participating in this nationwide Veteran’s Day initiative.


Lung Cancer, the Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths

Lung cancer is the nation's number one cause of cancer death. In every state, lung cancer causes more deaths than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined.


Why Are Veterans at Increased Risk?

Veterans, and in particular Vietnam veterans, are at higher risk for lung cancer than civilian populations because of higher smoking rates and exposure to known carcinogens during active duty. Those carcinogens include Agent Orange, radon, beryllium, diesel fuel exhaust and other battlefield emissions.

Estimates of excess lung cancer risk and mortality among veterans range from 25 percent to 75 percent.


Early Detection Could Save Your Life

While lung cancer may take decades to develop, symptoms do not usually become obvious until the cancer has already grown into late stage when survival is less than 15 percent.

Screening those at high risk with low-dose CT scans before symptoms can occur can identify lung cancer at an early and most curable stage. Individual risk for lung cancer will vary, and screening may involve some potential harms.


Veterans at Risk Encouraged to Call Methodist from November 1-11

Veterans are encouraged to complete a free initial risk assessment over the phone and learn about the low-dose CT scanning program by calling (402) 354-5858 from Nov. 1-11.