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Finally get a good night's sleep

Many people suffer from daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, memory loss or irritability. If you do, you may have a sleep disorder.

Methodist Jennie Edmundson and Methodist Hospital Sleep Centers offer the very latest diagnosis and treatment for sleep-related disorders. For information, click on a location at right.

Sleep Studies

As you evaluate your sleep, you may suspect that you have a sleep disorder. A sleep specialist can confirm if you have made the right conclusion. He or she can make a careful and detailed medical evaluation to find the source of your sleep problem. One of the best tools for detecting a sleep disorder is the overnight sleep study. Sensors are used to monitor how your body acts while you sleep. Charts are made of many physical measurements, including your brain waves, heartbeats and breathing. Your sleep study provides doctors with the data that will help them find the cause of your sleep problem.

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