Methodist Women's Hospital

High-Risk Obstetrics

Every pregnancy is special, but some pregnancies require even more specialized care.

Methodist Women’s Hospital offers a full-service consultation, testing and treatment center for high-risk pregnancies that is accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.

Learn about Methodist Perinatal Center.

  • We know that expectant parents want pregnancy and childbirth to go as smoothly as possible. Healthy babies are our goal, and that is why we specialize in identifying and treating the complications of pregnancy.
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    717 Medical Office Building
    717 N. 190th Plaza, Suite 2400
    Omaha, NE 68022
    (402) 815-1970

Meet the Perinatologists

Methodist Perinatal Center is staffed by a team of highly trained, caring maternal-fetal medicine specialists along with registered nurses, genetic counselors, sonographers and support staff.
Robert Bonebrake,

Neil Hamill,
Michael Levine,
Todd Lovgren, MD Herman Satpathy, MD
Andrew Robertson,
Todd Lovgren,
Hemant Satpathy,


Learn about our care

There are many reasons why a pregnancy may be high-risk or complicated, but with our maternal-fetal medicine expertise and special diagnostic testing, our perinatologists can assess, diagnose and manage many potential complications.

We work closely with your referring physician to continue your obstetric care with your physician whenever possible. Should a higher level of care become necessary, the knowledgeable staff and resources of the Methodist Perinatal Center, Methodist Women's Hospital and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are readily available.

Explore some of the details of our specially-designed high-risk maternity rooms.

Methodist Women's Hospital is designed with the safety and comfort of high-risk mothers in mind.

Suite-like high-risk obstetrics rooms for longer stays.

  • Mothers who need to be admitted and closely monitored in a hospital setting to protect their health and the health of their babies are likely to stay with us for several weeks, sometimes longer.
  • We have devoted great care to the design of suite-style rooms for them, with special amenities to provide extra space, privacy and comfort for mothers, their families and visitors.

Fresh air and star-gazing are on the agenda for high-risk moms.

  • At Methodist Women’s Hospital, high-risk moms enjoy the unique opportunity to go outside for fresh air, sunshine and star-gazing on our roof-top garden.
  • The garden is fully accessible to mothers, including those on 24/7 bedrest, thanks to the rooftop entrance ramp designed to accommodate hospital beds.

The highest level neonatal intensive care unit in west Omaha is right here.

Working to Keep High-Risk Moms in Their Communities

Our goal is to enable women to remain in their home communities and continue obstetric care with their own physicians whenever possible. We work closely with referring physicians and community hospitals in a four-state area to help families enjoy as normal and healthy a pregnancy and birth experience as possible.

Methodist Hospital is managing high-risk pregnancies by using telemedicine to connect patients and their health care providers in Norfolk to physicians specializing in high risk pregnancies in Omaha.

As a sonographer performs an ultrasound scan to check fetal development, the digital ultrasound images are transmitted back to Methodist Hospital where they are evaluated by perinatalogists.

Teleconferencing equipment is used to establish an audio and video link between the clinic in Norfolk and Methodist Hospital so the physician is able to see and talk to the patient. Women are able to stay in their community and get the specialized care they need for themselves and their babies.

Watch a video about how we manage high-risk pregnancies using telemedicine.

Learn more about high-risk pregnancy from our online health library.


Methodist Perinatology Center Receives Quality Award

The Methodist Perinatology Center has been awarded a 2012 5-Star Award for overall quality of care by Professional Research Consultants.