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Midwest GYN Oncology Team

Gynecologic Oncologists are OB/GYN physicians who are dedicated exclusively to the care of women with cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina or vulva. Additional years of education and training are required for a physician to become certified in Gynecologic Oncology and advanced pelvic surgery. This additional experience enables the Gynecologic Oncologists to provide and coordinate a woman's care including surgical intervention, chemotherapy and radiation therapy - either singly or in combination.

All Midwest GYN Oncology physicians are board-certified in GYN Oncology.

Meet our Gynecologic Oncologists

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Petter Morris, MD
Niyati Nadkarni, MD

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One in 71 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and of the 21,880 women diagnosed last year, only 46% will survive beyond five years.Listen to Michelle's interview with Dr. Crotzer.

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