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Tips, Tools and Resources for the Care of a Loved One

Are you a caregiver?  The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), estimates that 44.4 million Americans provide care as "informal" caregivers to people ages 18 years or older. One in 5 Americans, 21%, serves as a caregiver.

Should you find yourself in the position of caring for someone, we have assembled a list of resources, tools, tips and assistance to support you.  

Caring for An Aging Parent

People aged 65 and older are among the fastest growing segment of the population. Nearly one-quarter of Americans today are aged 54 or older, with one-third older than 45 years. Should you provide care to an aging parent, here are resources to help:

How much do you know about aging? Take our interactive Aging Quiz and find out. 

Caring for a Family Member

Caring for anyone is difficult, even in the best of circumstances. If you’ve been called on to care for a chronically-ill loved one, the following resources may help:

Methodist Health System Services

If your loved one is hospitalized, or you seek medical care, Methodist Health System houses several specially-focused programs providing services to help you and your loved one:

Resource Organizations