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Preparing for Labor

The big day is approaching. Here's how to get ready.

Learning about labor and delivery, and what to expect will help you prepare for this next step of your pregnancy.

Childbirth education classes and activities

Methodist Women's Hospital hosts classes and activities to prepare you, your spouse or support person and any siblings for childbirth.

Find a physician for your new baby

Choosing a physician for your new baby is an important decision: you will be visiting six times for well-baby checkups in the first year. Choose a physician who accepts your insurance and is a good match for your family.

Babies can be seen by a pediatrician, a physician who specializes in the care of children, or by a family practice provider, a physician who cares for the entire family.

Create a birth plan

A written birth plan allows you to specify your preferences during labor and communicate them to your partner and your medical team.

Your birth plan may include:
  • How you would like the sex of your baby announced.
  • The baby's name, if already decided.
  • Lighting and sound levels in the labor room.
  • Birthing assistance you prefer. (birthing bars, birthing balls, massage, jacuzzi)
  • Type of hydration you prefer (IV, ice chips)
  • Type of pain medication, and how it should be offered.
  • Fetal monitoring
  • Breast or bottle-feeding
  • Circumcision of male baby
Please understand that your options may change due to the medical condition of you or your baby.  However, we will work to honor your choices and include you in any additional decision making related to your care.

Download our form and complete your birth plan.