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During Your Labor

Getting your new family off to a safe and comfortable start.


Here are some of the ways our staff and procedures, as well as the design of your room and equipment, will keep you comfortable while keeping you and baby safe during labor and delivery.


Wireless electronic fetal monitoring (EFM)
We use wireless fetal monitoring to track the baby’s well-being during labor and allow the mom to stay mobile. The fetal monitors are sensitive enough to differentiate between mom’s and baby’s heart signals, and to gauge fetal position.

All Labor & Delivery nurses and all physicians who deliver here are certified for the highest expertise in electronic fetal monitoring.

ACLS and ACLS-OB certification

Every nurse on staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. ACLS-certified nurses are specially trained to provide the clinical interventions necessary for urgent treatment of cardiac arrest and other medical emergencies.

All Women’s Hospital nurses in Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby, and High-Risk OB units are also ACLS-OB certified, with additional specialty training in the emergency treatment of pregnant or newly-delivered women.

Room design

Same-sided room
The same-sided room design allows staff to quickly access equipment in the same location in every room.

Leading-edge birthing bed
The Hill-Rom Affinity bed has a Tempur-Pedic mattress for comfort and pressure redistribution.
  • The no-lift, lower foot section easily separates and automatically stows under the bed.
  • Streamlined design with patient-friendly grips and side rails.
  • Wide, easy-glide ergonomic calf supports.
  • Battery back-up so electronic features (change bed height/position) can be used while rolling to OR.
Baby garage
We call this section of the cabinetry the baby garage, because it’s the parking place for our rolling baby warmer bed. We keep this open during delivery and as long as the baby warmer is needed. The baby warmer bed and medical equipment can be re-parked when no longer needed.

In-room medical equipment
Wall cabinets store the labor and delivery procedure and treatment cart, medical supplies, linens and laundry. The equipment, while out of sight, is within easy reach of the staff when needed.

Surgery-grade lighting
The Skytron light system in the ceiling is like the system used in the operating room. During labor, care providers need only point a remote control to an area that needs more light, and the area automatically fills with bright light from above.

Full medical emergency support

Adult ICU
In case of emergency, labor and delivery rooms are large enough for an entire code team to care for mother and baby.  An adult intensive care unit at Methodist Women’s Hospital is available to care for patients with critical medical needs.

All Women’s Hospital supervisors and select staff are ICU-trained and continually rotate through to keep critical care skills sharp.

Code Blue/Code Pink
Easily-accessed Code Blue and Code Pink buttons to call the code team in the event mother or baby needs urgent care.

Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on site

The highest level NICU in west Omaha is on site at Methodist Women's Hospital.
Learn more about the NICU.

Elevator hold button
Precious minutes can be saved if an emergency transfer to the NICU is needed. Staff can press the elevator hold button at the bedside to bring the elevator to this floor and hold it ready.

Your comfort and preferences

Birth plan
We will work to honor the choices you have specified in your birth plan. Please understand that your options may change due to the medical condition of you or your baby. 

Anesthesiologist on site 24/7
Pain management is a personal decision, and staff are ready to assist with the pain management techniques that are right for each mom. To keep moms’ options open, epidurals are readily available with one or more anesthesiologists on site 24/7.

In-house obstetrician
For the added safety and convenience of our patients, Methodist Women's Hospital has a full-time OB-GYN physician. 

This physician is ready for emergencies that may arise and available to assist a mother in labor who arrives before her own obstetrician can get to the hospital.

Nursing support during labor

Throughout labor and delivery, every mom has a dedicated nurse to provide personal attention and care coordination.

Your nurse will be in contact with your obstetrician or midwife to inform him or her of the progress of your labor. Once your labor has entered the later stages, your nurse will notify your obstetrician or midwife and continue to provide support in the delivery of your baby.


During your labor we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We have included many special features for you and your support person during this time:

Large private rooms
Each labor and delivery room is private and spacious enough to accommodate your support person and the medical team for this important event.

Safe and spacious bathroom
The large, easy-access bathroom features handicap rails, adjustable shower head, hair dryer and motion-sensor lighting. The floor was designed without a shower lip so moms in wheelchairs can roll from the bed to the shower on a level surface.

Jacuzzi tubs
Some rooms have jacuzzi tubs available to ease discomfort during labor.

For your spouse, support person and family

24-hour food service
Cooked-to-order meals and snacks are available to patients and guests 24/7 through hotel-style room service, though restrictions on food and beverages will apply during labor to keep moms safe.

Family areas
Throughout the hospital family lounges feature quiet, relaxing areas for your family and friends to gather. The Methodist Women's Hospital also features a chapel and outdoor healing garden.