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Methodist Driver Rehabilatation

Methodist Driver RehabilitationThe ability to drive affects a person’s lifestyle and independence.

Going to the grocery store, doctor's office, or visiting friends and family become more difficult for people who are unable to drive due to orthopedic, neurological, cognitive, or visual impairments.

Methodist Driver Rehabilitation Program

Occupational therapists, who are certified as driving instructors with specialized training as driver rehabilitation specialists, initially evaluate a person's ability to drive and then determine the types of therapies or vehicle modifications necessary to help people continue to drive safely.

Methodist Driver Rehabilitation program can improve:

  • Strength, coordination and reaction time
  • Visual acuity and perception
  • Cognition and decision making while driving
  • Driving ability by training participants to use adaptive techniques and equipment.

A physician referral is required to enroll in this program. For more information, call (402) 354-4670.

Methodist Driver Rehab Brochure