Thank you to staff - from cafeteria workers to nurses & doctors


My Mother was showing signs of a stroke, she is 90 yrs old, has hypertension, has never been in a hospital before except when she had her 4 children.

I am a nurse in a acute care setting in another community (not at Methodist) and of course would be critical of everything that was not done right. However entering the emergency room from the security guard, registration, the ED staff and ED physician and the stroke team- I WAS BLOWN AWAY WITH THE CARE MY MOTHER RECEIVED!!!!!

But that did not end there, she was admitted to 7th floor as an observation for 2 days. I WAS BLOW AWAY BY EVERYONE THAT CAME IN THE ROOM AND HAD CARED FOR MY MOTHER. She was treated with such professionalism, a feeling that the staff truly cared about her, and how nice and concerned everyone was from the hospitalist, the neurologist/students, all the nurses day and night, the nurse techs, and housekeeping.

But that did not end there, as my sister and I would go to the cafeteria or gift shop we were greeted by all staff with a friendly hello or a simple conversation in the elevator. I did not think that it was possible to teach this new generation to have eye to eye contact AND a friendly hello or a simple conversation with strangers. KUDOS to Methodist and management to get this done!! Also all staff appeared to be HAPPY AND LIKE THEIR JOBS. A good indication that managment much treat them well and lead by example.

She was treated with such professionalism, a feeling that the staff truly cared about her...

Teresa, daughter

My Mother is doing very well. My mother and her family are so very pleased with this experience, No one wants to be sick but if you have to be sick it needs to be at Methodist!!!

Teresa B., daughter