A letter of thanks to the pulmonary rehab staff at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital

I have been in the pulmonary rehab program since April. I had an Infected pacemaker removed. I had to have open heart surgery and then had to get a new pacemaker put in.

I was in terrible shape. When I started I could only walk for about two minutes. Today I had my graduation day. I walked for six minutes and walked 600 more feet than in my first session.

The staff have been very professional, caring, supportive and would do anything to help you succeed.

Tracy L. Nicholls

They work with people of all ages. I can’t speak any more highly of all the staff. I will miss them terribly. If there is anyway to recognize each person in the department?* 

They provide a service that helped me get better. Without them I would be in the same position I was after surgery in January.

Thank you.

Tracy L. Nicholls 

*Editor's note:

The Hidden Halo program helps families and patients recognize staff at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Foundation for care received with a heart-felt letter or donation.