A patient's letter of thanks for the "culture of care" he experienced

Earlier in the summer, I attempted to lift something way-too- heavy with my 75 year old body and I experienced an abdominal hernia. I went to Dr. Vanna at Regency Physicians and was referred to Dr. Kolkman for surgery.

Dr. Kolkman checked me over, and surgery was scheduled for September 11 at the Methodist Outpatient Surgery Center. As soon as I checked in that day, I could tell right away that it was going to be done right. The observed culture there was amazing.

I had the surgery, and the recovery room nurse, Sara Baird was wonderful. Unfortunately, the sedative used to put me out had the effect of stopping my ability to urinate, and that evening, I had to visit another hospital, and they put in a catheter. I followed up with my Urologist Dr. Kroeber, and had an appointment to remove it on September 21.

That afternoon I started feeling weak, and my wife thought I felt warm. She took my temperature and it was 102.9 degrees. So she called our niece, and she advised us to proceed to the emergency room and we came to Methodist Hospital.

They determined that there was an infection related to my catheter and admitted me that night. It turned out that the infection had gotten into my bloodstream, and they took quick action to get me into a room and start IV antibiotics.

The experience here has been the same as it was at the Surgery Center. Everyone from the all the physicians, nurses, down to the clean up persons are working in a culture of care that I have never experienced before.

The care has been exceptional, and there is obviously a long tradition of people that work here collaborating to make patients like me feel important, and obviously have the hospital's mission of care always as a primary team focus!

Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable!

John Seyfarth