A letter to the "beautiful angels around me, taking care of me."

I had 2 separate stays at Methodist. The first was for a craniotomy to remove a benign tumor. After 5 days, I was sent home.

On Nov. 18, I woke up in the hospital again. I did not know why I was there. All I know is that there were beautiful angels around me taking care of me.

After a day or so it was explained to me all the while these angels sat there holding my hand smiling and telling me I was going to be fine. I came down with a bacterial infection and fluid on the brain. I got to know my angels very well. They were constantly smiling cheerful.

I wrote down all their names - from nurses, students, nurse assistants, yes, even housekeeping – Glenda Brooks.

This was my first major surgery and my first major emergency, and they all made it seem so easy. From all of my doctors, to all of the staff. I could never do what they do.

God Bless all of you for helping me get through all this and sending me home healthy and happy.

Nancy Eisenbarth, Lincoln