A patient says "thank you" for professional and humble service ...

DON Terry Tipton presents the DAISY certificate to Brian Wilson, RN
Director of Nursing Terri Tipton presents the DAISY award
to Brian Wilson, BSN, RN

I spent several days recovering from my surgery and illness; very impressed with your whole staff. One individual was Brian Wilson. He stood out like a beacon of light on a dark night.

His care was excellent, professional, but most of all he communicated deep care for me.

Many nights he came in and did his professional duties, blood pressures, etc. Never rushed, never hurried. Then, he would do the extraordinary – he would sit on the edge of my bed and ask me about my day. How was I feeling? How was I holding up as I healed? Was there anything he could do that would make my night easier, and we drifted from nurse/patient to two friends sharing things we both liked.

Brian was or had recently moved into a rental, where he had his own washer/dryer facility, and we laughed and both were excited for him.

My wife and I both have suffered through group washing facilities in the past too. Here is the kicker; he is what? 28-30 years old? I  am 65 – my wife and I both wish we could adopt him.

What are his greatest qualities? Professional service and humble service, in that order. I have had a trach tube since November 2017. After this last surgery in August, I did not eat solid food for at least three days. Well, could not. I am diabetic and my throat was very tender, very rough, very dry. The thing that soothed it best? Sugar-free popsicles! I must have had 50-60 in three days, no exaggeration; those are my wife's estimates and she is very accurate.

So, professional service #1, humble service #2. If we were talking and Brian need to tend to an emergency, he was gone! The way it should be. Someone needed immediate medical help and he was there! However, 15-20 minutes later, crisis averted, patient helped, here comes Brian with my popsicle, apologizing to me that he had to leave so abruptly! Imagine, apologizing to me!

That showed his 2nd great attribute – humble service. How did I see this? Brian had assistants under him as partners on his team – he was their leader. 5% of the time, when the crisis was averted, but he needed to do more, he asked one of his teammates to bring that frozen treat to me and always said, "Tell Bob I didn't forget about him." But 95% of the time he came in my room with a big hearted smile saying, "Look what I have for you!"

When I look into Brian’s eyes, I see the deep sincere eyes of a shepherd, for our eyes show our soul, and Brian cares deeply for his sheep; what more can I say?

Bob Robinson

Editor's Note:

Mr. Robinson nominated Brian Wilson, BSN, RN for the DAISY award, a nationwide program rewarding and celebrating extraordinary nurses. For more information or to nominate a nurse for the Daisy award go here.