More Than a Patient – I Was a Person to You

An open letter to my nurses. 

I am writing this letter of commendation and expect that I am one of the many who have done so. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of service provided by the hospital staff during my recent radical prostatectomy. 

I first met your staff on Wednesday morning, August 19. A very kind and charming young woman named Sierra led me from the waiting room to the pre-op room. She was very social and spoke in a manner that built confidence and the same time helping to make patients at ease regarding the upcoming surgery. 

In the pre-op room Michelle took complete care of me as I got ready for the operation. She also was very friendly and talkative and again set me at ease. 

I do not remember much about next four or five hours nor do I recall who I had staffing my arrival at my room that night. The two next two days I had two different staff nurses and aides -Summer and Sumer and Shelby and Sajah. All four were very good. 

My night shift staff, Nicole and Pam, were absolutely fantastic. A hospital room is, as a rule, a lonely place - especially if staff come in just to perform their job. These two ladies were both light-years ahead as they were truly concerned about me. Not only were they excellent in providing medical care but they did it in a very caring and compassionate manner. I was not just a patient I was a person and they treated me as such, providing personalized service not just individualized. They would talk to me about my life and they would share things of themselves. 

It was as though I had two very dear friends watching over me, which did a lot for my attitude.

An example of their commitment was when Pam took those long white socks off my legs to let me have some fresh air, she stated that sometimes the feet get dried out. She then got some cream and rubbed it on my feet. This was probably the last thing that I would have expected to have at a hospital. 

Their commitment to service at this hospital was evidenced on Friday morning. I went for a walk around the floor after 7:45. Nicole and Pam were still working after their shift was over finishing up their patient care. This was another way to show that they are committed to the patient and I was very impressed that they would do this. 

If you have a way to recognize these two wonderful service providers I would highly recommend them for the honor.

William G. Callahan, PhD 
Emeritus Professor 
Special Education and Communication Disorders 
University of Nebraska-Omaha