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Anne Maher Moore makes healthy food choices with support from Katrena Lacey, MD

Weight Management Program Goes Beyond the Scale

Anne Maher Moore has lost more than 20 pounds over the last six months. But the weight loss is really just a wonderful side effect of an even bigger focus on better health — one that started with a visit with her Methodist Physicians Clinic doctor.

“I wanted to find balance in mind, body and spirit,” said Anne. “I really just decided I need to live my life around how I take care of my body, instead of taking care of my body around my life.”

Patient-Centered Focus

It’s this patient-centered focus on total health that is at the heart of the Methodist Physicians Clinic Weight Management program. The six-month physician-directed program walks participants through food education and exercise basics while also providing emotional support and the tools to succeed.

“We are focusing on lifestyle and teaching people what it looks like to live that lifestyle,” said Katrena Lacey, MD, internal medicine physician and co-leader of the Weight Management program. “The way we help people make behavioral and lifestyle changes is to give them some success, encouragement and positive reinforcement.
“Their whole lives they’ve been told they’re failing. We start with an achievable goal and educate them about the positive effects on their health if they reach that goal.”

Setting Goals for Weight-Loss Success

The goal of every participant is a 10 percent weight loss over the course of the program, but the health benefits of even a 5 to 7 percent reduction can have a huge impact on health. Those benefits include a decreased risk for heart attack and stroke, and a significant reduction in cardiovascular risks.
“It doesn’t have to feel like a huge mountain you have to climb,” said Dr. Lacey. “You just have to take a little step forward.”

"It has to become a discipline. That’s what this has helped me realize."

Anne Maher Moore

“It’s great to lose weight and that’s certainly one of the goals,” said Troy Bracker, MD, family medicine physician and co-leader of the Weight Management program, “but if the participants’ lifestyles become healthier — they’re eating better, are more active and their cardiovascular fitness is better — it may not look that much different on the scale, but it is going to help from a longevity standpoint.”

Journey to Better Health

A long, healthy life is just what Anne is looking for. She says she feels better than she has in years. Weighing and measuring food portions as well as enjoying long walks are welcome additions in Anne’s life. As is the support she receives from her Methodist physician in her journey to better health.

“It has to become a discipline. That’s what this has helped me realize,” said Anne. “I’m really thrilled that Methodist has started this program. I think it can really help some people in getting the whole picture.”

Story by Katina Gordon