NICU Visitor Guidelines

For your baby's health, safety and privacy. Our visiting guidelines reduce your baby’s exposure to germs, noise and overstimulation. We want to protect your family’s privacy. Our visiting guidelines give you control over who visits you and your baby in the NICU.

Secure Unit: Photo ID required for entry

To keep your baby safe, the NICU is a secure unit with a monitored check-in point. Please check in at the reception desk. Everyone who comes to the NICU will be asked for photo identification. Color-coded wristbands or visitor badges will be provided, and these must be worn while in the NICU.

Parents always welcome

Parents are not NICU visitors; parents are NICU team members. Parents will receive a special color-coded wristband to wear throughout your baby’s stay. The wristband alerts all staff that you are parents and full members of the NICU team. 

The hospital lobby doors are open evenings until 8:30 p.m. To come to the Neonatal ICU after 8:30 p.m., parents should enter the hospital through the emergency department.

Siblings welcome, with limits

Your baby’s brothers and sisters (siblings) are also welcome in the NICU, with just a few precautions to protect your baby from exposure to illness:

Quick health survey

You will be asked to complete a short health survey each day your baby’s siblings visit. 

Symptom-free children only

Siblings who visit must be healthy with no signs of fever, cold or flu symptoms.

Chicken Pox alert

Siblings who have been exposed to or just vaccinated for chicken pox must wait at least 30 days to visit. 

Toilet-trained children only

There is no minimum age, but siblings must be toilet-trained.

Adult supervision required

All children must be supervised by an adult at all times in the waiting room. Arrange to have an adult family member or friend meet the siblings’ needs and allow you to focus on the baby. Reactions to a NICU visit can vary depending on a child’s age and personality. Some children are overwhelmed by the NICU environment and prefer not to stay too long.

Special anytime visitor list

Let us know if you want certain family members or friends to be able to visit when you are not here. We will list their names on the chart, and provide them with special color-coded wristbands so they, too, can visit at any time. 

Visits from others

Family and friends are important. If you wish, they are welcome to visit whenever you are here and your baby’s condition is stable. If you wish to limit visits, tell your nurse.

Other precautions

Symptom-free visitors only 

Visitors must be healthy with no signs of fever, cold or flu symptoms.

Age 14 and up

The only visitors under age 14 allowed in the NICU are your baby’s brothers and sisters. 

Shingles vaccine and chickenpox alert

Visitors who have shingles or chickenpox, or were just vaccinated for either condition must wait at least 30 days to visit.

Limited release of information

To protect your privacy, we will not discuss your baby with others. Information about babies in the NICU is given only to parents. This includes information given over the phone. However, please understand that visitors may unintentionally learn information while observing your baby’s care in the NICU.

Visits may be restricted

If your baby’s condition calls for a quieter environment, we may limit the number of visitors allowed and the length of their visits. We may also adjust the visiting policy to limit visits during a flu outbreak or other seasonal illness in the community.

Silence your cell

A quiet environment is so important to the health and well-being of your baby. Remember to speak softly and to set your cell phone to vibrate while in the NICU.


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