Tips for Siblings

Helping big brothers and sisters deal when their sibling is in NICU. 

If your newborn has older brothers or sisters, those bigger kids are going to have a lot to get used to. Here are some tips and advice for helping siblings of a baby in the NICU.

  • Make an effort to spend special time with older siblings as often as possible.
  • Discuss the important parts of the baby’s care and routine with the siblings in terms they can easily understand.
  • Involve brothers and sisters in coloring pictures for the baby’s bedside. Take photos of them for the baby. Put their photo up near the baby’s crib.
  • You don’t need to make promises about when the baby might be coming home. Tell it like it is.
  • Try to keep some of their routine the same.
  • Give them extra time with Mom and Dad or a special family member.
  • Have them be involved as much as possible with the baby.
  • Talk to them. Give them as much info as they can handle even when the news isn’t good.