Patient and Visitor Services

Methodist Women's Hospital strives to provide both patients and visitors with the best experience possible during your stay.  Our Patient and Visitor Services are available to everyone.  

Spiritual Care Services

Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Spiritual Care Services provides a variety of spirtual and emotional support services to patients and visitors.

Healing Garden

Enjoy the meditative environment of our Healing Garden located on our campus.

Living Wills & Advance Directives

Adults who are capable of making health care decisions have the right to accept or refuse medical treatment. A living will tells others how you want to be treated when it comes to life-sustaining measures. Learn more about Living Wills & Advance Directives.

Social Services

Social Services are available to patients and family members needing assistance with research and coordination of post-stay services.

Interpreter Services

Understanding your diagnosis and treatment options are important. Our Interpreter Services are available if you need assitance.

Family Resource Center

Our Family Resource Center is available for you and your family to research a variety of health related topics.