High-Risk Facilities

Designed with special features for the safety and comfort of high-risk mothers

If you have a complex pregnancy, there are safety features and suite-like ammenities to ensure you have as safe and comfortable a pregnancy as possible.

Suite-like high-risk obstetrics rooms for longer stays

Mothers who need to be admitted and closely monitored in a hospital setting to protect their health and the health of their babies are likely to stay with us for several weeks, sometimes longer.

We have devoted great care to the design of suite-style rooms with special amenities to provide extra space, privacy and comfort for mothers, their families and visitors.

Safety built in

We have designed our rooms with safety of you and your baby in mind. The rooms are designed with special features to keep medical equipment out of sight, but within easy reach of our staff. Learn about the special safety features built into each room for you and your baby.

The highest level neonatal intensive care unit in west Omaha

Our neonatal intensive care unit is close at hand to take care of those babies who may need special care. Should your baby need this special care the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is right here.