CT Angiogram (CTA)

Angiography (or arteriography) is an X-ray image of the blood vessels. A CT angiogram uses CT technology rather than standard X-rays or fluoroscopy to obtain images of blood vessels such the coronary arteries of the heart.

CT Angiogram procedures

Methodist Imaging offers the following CT Angiogram procedures:

  • Abdomen (aneurysm, hypertension)
  • Chest (aneurysm, dissection, pulmonary emboli)
  • Coronary (coronary arteries, pulmonary veins)
  • Head (aneurysm, headaches, stroke)
  • Neck (carotid stenosis, dizziness, stroke) 
  • Kidneys (aneurysm, hypertension)
  • Blood vessels in the legs (numbness, poor circulation, stenosis)


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