Expert Neonatal ICU Care Team

If your baby requires neonatal intensive care, a highly specialized team is here to care for your precious baby

Our neonatal intensive care unit is staffed by some of the area's most experienced neonatologists. These physicians are pediatricians with advanced training in the care of premature and critically ill newborns.

Meet the neonatologists

Located within the hospital, this dedicated, experienced group of neonatologists provide complex care to babies in our NICU. Learn about the physicians, their backgrounds and areas of interest:

  • Khalid Awad, MD
  • Brady Kerr, MD
  • David Minderman, MD
  • Chinyere Oarhe, MD
  • Thomas Seidel, MD

Specialized staff

In addition to the neonatologists, the NICU is staffed by specialists in several areas to help with your baby's health, growth and development:


Pediatricians with advanced training in the care of premature and critically ill newborns.

Neonatal nurse practitioners

Registered nurses with advanced education(master's degree) and training who have a leadership role in educating staff on best practices in neonatal care.

Neonatal nurses

Registered nurses with specialized training in the care of premature and critically ill newborns. All Methodist Women's Hospital neonatal nurses are also certified in neonatal resuscitation by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Attending nurses

Registered nurses who work with your assigned staff nurse and the care team to develop and coordinate your clinical plan during your hospital admission and discharge

Neonatal specialists

Neonatal Specialists are medical professionals with specialized education in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology or nursing who provide direct patient care and consultative services at the bedside for the premature and medically complex infants. As champions of developmentally supportive care, Neonatal Specialists collaborate with neonatologists and staff and make recommendations regarding positioning, handling and developmental materials as well educate parents and NICU staff regarding best developmental care practices. 

Respiratory therapists

Health professionals educated and skilled in treating breathing problems and in using the breathing equipment needed to care for premature or critically ill newborns.

Lactation consultants

Health professionals educated and skilled in providing support and information about breastfeeding and in resolving breastfeeding difficulties.

Registered dietitians

Health professionals with specialized education (bachelor's degree), certification and training in food and nutrition to be sure the baby is getting the nutrients needed for healthy development.


Licensed health professional specially educated in preparing and dispensing drugs and in explaining how those drugs work and interact.

Social workers

Licensed professionals specially trained in helping to meet the emotional, social and financial needs of patients and families. Social workers can help families cope with many challenges that come with having a critically ill child, such as assisting with special arrangements for discharge and follow-up.


Available 24/7 for prayer, reflection and spiritual support that honors and affirms all faiths, values and cultures. Dial "0#" from a hospital phone and ask for Spiritual Care Services.


Selected volunteers who have been extensively trained in the unique needs of babies in Neonatal Intensive Care. Under the supervision of the bedside nurse, cuddlers are on the unit from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. hold, rock or calm a baby when mom and dad are not available. Cuddlers give comfort, not food or medical care.


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