Any room, any procedure, any time.

Surgery designed to give you the best outcome

If you or your loved one needs surgery, you want to know you are in the best place for the most successful outcome.

For generations Methodist has been the leader in surgeries performed in the region. 32,000 surgeries were performed in 2016 at Methodist. The next closest hospital performed 19,000 surgeries. 

Creating the surgical suites for the future

In August of 2016, the surgical suites at Methodist Hospital were renovated and expanded. Plans were made to accommodate the technology of today, in addition to planning growth for the advances of the future. Physicians and staff joined together to envision changes which would improve surgery for our patients. Here are some of the innovations and changes now being used in the busiest surgical suites:

Any room, any procedure, any time.

By designing operating rooms in the same basic size, layout and design, the surgical suites can be quickly transitioned between surgeons and operating specialties. More efficient scheduling and better room utilization mean shorter wait times for scheduling procedures. Patients spend less time under anesthesia and have better overall outcomes.

Larger, more flexible operating rooms

The new 650-square foot operating rooms are 150% larger than the old ORs, adding the equivalent floor space of two 10-by-12-foot rooms to each OR. Everything in the operating rooms is mobile and can be flipped or repositioned. Ceiling-mounted booms are wired and plumbed to carry electricity, video, data, suction and medical gasses. Floors are cord-free, eliminating tripping hazards.

Better optics for the surgery team

Sensors on the overhead LED lights automatically find and fill in shadows to give the surgical team their best field of vision. Centered in the light is a high-definition camera that can be targeted on the surgical field for instruction or for a live-stream video consult with physicians across Methodist's campuses. Oversize monitors with customizable split screens allow physicians to keep the images and information they want to see clearly in view.

Hybrid suites provide advantages to surgeons, patients and families

Revolutionary new imaging technologies enable physicians to see inside the body with greater accuracy and treat complicated conditions with less invasiveness.

Reduced recovery and more surgical accuracy

Specially equipped ORs called hybrid suites allow surgeons to combine two types of procedures that used to require two visits (and two recoveries) into one.  The new endovascular hybrid suite offers this capability with its state-of-the-art C-arm technology. 

A vascular surgeon using the C-arm is able to use X-ray technology traveling inside the patient's blood vessels to get the best real-time visualization possible today: accuracy to one millimeter. This allows the surgeon to run diagnostic imaging tests, identify the blood-flow problem and perform the procedure to fix it. 

Now, instead of an open surgical bypass with a diagnostic procedure and a separate surgery date, the procedure is usually performed and the patient sent home the same day, and back to work the next. 

Watch our surgical suites video.