Our Plan

Methodist is proud to be home to many talented health professionals dedicated to improving the access to care and the overall health of this community. Success is measured in benefits to the community, and what's best for the community is what's right for us.

Implementation Strategies

Our three-year strategies include programs designed to address the identified health-related needs in the area.  We base our priorities on the most current Community Health Needs Assessment prepared for each of our hospitals. These assessments and our plans to address the needs are found here:

2018 - 2020 Implementation Strategy

2015 – 2017 Implementation Strategy

2012 - 2014 Implementation Strategy

Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessments have helped hundreds of hospitals, health departments, foundations, providers and civic organizations across the country improve community health and wellness by connecting people, research and resources. Without this information, many organizations struggle to determine the needs of the community.

We have conducted our Community Health Needs Assessment in collaboration with other health systems, public health departments, many health organizations, professional key informants, and input from the underinsured and uninsured people living in our community.

From our Community Health Needs Assessment results we have identified how we will address these needs. Each of our hospitals has addressed those needs by implementing a strategic plan for the community they serve, addressing the priorities or the opportunities, aligning those opportunities, monitoring and evaluating the outcomes, and reporting back to our community the outcomes.

2018 Community Health Needs Assessments

2015 Community Health Needs Assessments

2011 Community Health Needs Assessments