The Meaning of Care Magazine | Winter 2014

President's Letter

Is today the day you or a loved one will have a heart attack? Or receive another life-altering diagnosis?

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News Briefs

Women's Hospital Exceeds 400 Births

At 2:22 a.m., on Tuesday, Sept. 30, Tennyson Davis Cromer arrived at Methodist Women’s Hospital and became the 400th birth for the month of September. By the end of the day, the final mark for September was 412 births.

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Lucky to Be Alive

“I should be dead. Instead, God gave me a wake-up call.” Software engineer and Marine veteran Frank DeLira, 50, feels lucky to be alive after years of unhealthy lifestyle choices, saying, “I have no one else to blame. I brought my heart attack on myself.”

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Healthy Aging Through Exercise

Marcina Zimmerman’s doctor can’t believe she’s 82 years old. “It makes me laugh when he asks if I’m really 82…he should know!” chuckled Marcina, whose laughter is as infectious as her smile. “I guess I’ve just always been active. Got to keep moving!”

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Better Focus Through Sleep

Seventh grade was a tough year for Devin Thomas. “It was really hard to listen to the teacher because my mind was off in space,” said 13-year-old Devin, now an eighth grader at Beadle Middle School. “I wasn’t paying attention, and my grades failed.”

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Volunteer for Body, Mind and Spirit

Batoul Rabaa and Andrew Pryor are members of a specially selected and trained team of Methodist Hospital volunteers for the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP). Established in June 2013, it is Nebraska’s first and only HELP program.

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