Access to Employee Self Service and mhsintranet

To access Employee Self Service, mhsintranet or HCS Performance Manager from home, you will need to access the Employee Portal with your network user name and password using Two Factor Authentication.

NOTE: The Two Factor Authentication initial set up must be performed from your work location. Step-by-step instructions are found here: Manage your Two Factor Accounts (PDF).

You will also need to download the Citrix Receiver application to your home computer. Citrix and Two Factor Authentication allow access to these tools in a secure manner.

For assistance contact the IT Service Desk at (402) 354-2280.

To download Citrix to your home computer:

  1. Step-by-step instructions can be found here: Instructions for Downloading the Citrix Receiver (PDF).

  2. After Citrix has been loaded, follow the steps below to access the Employee Portal.

If you already have Citrix downloaded on your computer:

Click here to access the Employee Portal. Sign in to our network with your username and password and authenticate using Two Factor Authentication.

After authentication, select the appropriate application: mhsintranet or HCS Performance Manager.

Please note: For Employee Self Service and HCS Performance Manager, you will need to sign in again with your network user name and password.