Occupational and Speech Therapy for Cancer Survivors

Occupational therapy and speech therapy services are offered for cancer recovery at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Cancer Center.

Occupational and speech therapy can help people who are diagnosed with cancer meet the challenges of this disease. Our therapists are specially trained in meeting the unique needs of cancer patients.

Cancer patients may need rehabilitative services to help recover from cancer surgery or treatment or to improve daily living activities.

Specialized occupational therapy may include:

  • Lymphedema services
  • Energy conservation training
  • Evaluation of needs for adaptive equipment
  • Evaluation for safety in the home environment

Speech therapy services for cancer patients include:

  • Pre-treatment counseling for swallowing conditioning during cancer treatment
  • Preventative swallowing exercises, including posture techniques and diet modifications
  • Direct swallowing therapy intervention designed for patient’s needs during and after cancer treatment
  • Diagnostic evaluations for swallowing function
  • Speech evaluation and treatment to address functional changes as a result of surgery
  • Pre-surgery evaluation and education for changes with voice
  • Voice therapy to address dysfunctional voice production 


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