On September 9, 2013, Fremont Health became home base for one of the area's LifeNet medical air transport helicopters. LifeNet has long been our partner in providing medical air transport in our area.

Analysis of data showed that relocating a base station to Fremont could significantly improve outcomes for someone who has suffered a trauma – such as a car or farming accident – by receiving medical care 15 to 20 minutes sooner.

LifeNet serves as a mobile emergency room with equipment and staff that enable life-saving care of virtually any and all patients and conditions.  

The LifeNet helicopter will be parked on our helipad west of the Emergency Department. Flight crew – a nurse, paramedic, and pilot – will have quarters within the Medical Center.

LifeNet operates five aircraft that serve Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, with services extending into portions of South Dakota and Minnesota. LifeNet Air Medical Services is owned and operated by Air Methods, the nation's leading provider of air medical transport and the most experienced air medical operator in the industry.