Methodist Fremont Health Center for Wound Healing

Methodist Fremont Health's Center for Wound Healing provides specialized treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds — sores or wounds that have not significantly gotten better during the course of conventional treatment. These wounds can cause severe health risks and may result in life-threatening infections, possible amputation and debilitating health problems. 

But with the state-of-the-art treatment available at the wound center, people with slow-healing wounds have new options. Our comprehensive approach can heal wounds that have resisted other treatments, and help you avoid loss of limbs, reduce incidence of recurrence, and get your life back. 

We are able to assess and treat many types of wounds and injuries, such as:

  • Diabetic pressure ulcers
  • Ischemic ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds and crush injuries
  • Vasculitis
  • Burns
  • Brown Recluse Spider bites
  • Surgical wounds
  • Radiation injuries
  • Other chronic, non-healing wounds

Because every patient's wound is unique, you will have a thorough diagnostic exam to identify the type of wound you have and its underlying causes. A program specifically tailored to your needs will be started based on the most effective approach, which may include:

  • Vascular evaluation
  • Debridement
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Laboratory evaluation
  • Infectious disease management
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutritional management
  • Pain management
  • Diabetic education
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiology

Our staff will set up regular appointments for your visits to the Center and give you all of the information you need to take care of your wound at home between visits. Keeping your appointments and following wound care instructions are essential to healing your wound, so let us know whenever you have questions about your treatment plan.


Methodist Fremont Health Center for Wound Healing
625 E. 29th St.
Fremont, NE 68025

(402) 727-3351