Dial 4-3-9-9-9 for immediate help for a patient

Methodist Hospital is committed to patient safety. We believe in teamwork and ask that you partner with us to help keep your loved one safe.

The team of family, patient and staff

Methodist Hospital’s FIRSTeam (Family Initiated Rapid Response Team) is a safety tool for patients, families and visitors. FIRSTeam brings together the patient, their loved ones and a team of health care professionals to keep the patient safe.

Anyone can summon help

This program allows patients, relatives, friends and acquaintances to summon the FIRSTeam if the patient needs immediate, emergency medical attention simply by dialing 4-3-9-9-9 on the house telephone.

Specialized staff, including a critical care nurse, a respiratory therapist and a supervisor, trained in emergency care will respond promptly.