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Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation

We work with each patient and family to set realistic goals so patients can achieve as satisfying, productive and independent lives as possible. 

Our 22-bed, inpatient care rehabilitation facility offers:

  • A comprehensive team approach that includes the patient and family in developing individualized goals to maximize the patient's success.
  • 24-hour rehabilitation nursing, including certified rehabilitation registered nurses (CRRN).
  • Rehabilitation physicians available 24 hours per day, including an on-site medical director.
  • Our physical, occupational, speech and therapeutic recreation therapists participate in annual education specific to stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury and amputation to ensure that we deliver the most current and comprehensive therapy services.
  • A staff of rehabilitation and support professionals who have dedicated their professional careers to helping acute rehabilitation patients achieve their goals.
  • Patients receive 1-on-1 treatment sessions with licensed physical, occupational and speech therapy staff, 3 hours per day, 5 days per week.

  • Home evaluations to ensure the patient and family are safe and prepared to return home.

  • Community reintegration to ensure the patient and family is comfortable to return to community activities.

  • Education for the patient and family is the cornerstone of the rehabilitation experience.

Cutting-edge rehabilitation technology

Methodist Acute Rehabilitation Center provides state-of-the-art therapy equipment and technology including:

  • Lite Gait: This walking device is used on a treadmill or over the ground and allows the patient’s weight to be lifted to encourage the patient to walk while improving balance and posture at the same time.

  • Bioness L300: Electrical stimulation device for the lower extremity that assist to activate nerves and muscles to lift the foot when a patient is experiencing foot drop while walking.

  • Dynavision: This device will assist with the treatment of patients experiencing deficits in the following areas: vision, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, upper extremity range of motion and balance.

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES): This device is used to transmit an electrical impulse to cause a muscle contraction and allow movement in an impaired extremity.

  • iPads: Speech therapy will incorporate the use of iPads into the patient’s treatment to improve cognition and communication.

Learn more about the professionals who will form your rehabilitation team to get you to your goals.

See why people choose Methodist Acute Rehabilitation Center

Our patients say it best. Watch a video with one of our rehabilitation patients and hear from our staff about our rehab facility.

Information for patients and visitors

We have compiled information that may be helpful if you or a loved one are admitted to the Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Patients and Visitors.


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