Acute Rehabilitation Team

A team dedicated to your recovery and return to the community

We form a team with you and your family or caregivers to create goals specific to helping your return home to as productive and satisfying life possible.

Your team

You and your family are important members of the dedicated team - helping you regain function and return home. Depending on your recovery needs, rehabilitation team members include:

Rehabilitation Physicians - Physicians with specialized treatment in physical medicine and rehabilitation. In consultation with your personal physician, the physician directs the overall treatment plan and team. Following your Acute Rehab stay, the rehabilitation physicians will follow up with you to ensure your progress in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilition Clinic.

Care Coordinator - A registered nurse who assists with the coordination and communication of the medical plan of care with you, your family and the Rehab Team. This team member also assists with updating your insurance company throughout your rehab stay and coordinating your follow-up appointments at discharge.

Medical Social Worker - This specialized team member will help you and your family create appropriate plans for discharge and your continued care. The Medical Social Worker also provides support and assistance with problem-solving and issues related to finances, community resources and challenges to daily living you may face following discharge from the Methodist Rehabilitation Center.

Rehabilitation Nursing - Provides comprehensive, compassionate care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by performing routine nursing assessments and treatments, medication management, preventing and monitoring for complications, and promoting independence and progression toward your goals.

Physical Therapy - Physical therapists will help you restore balance, coordination, strength and endurance as well as mobility and functional independence.

Occupational Therapy - Occupational therapists assist you in achieving your personal goals through training in self-care, home and community management, cognition, upper body strengthening and coordination.

Speech and Language Therapy - Speech therapists provide evaluation and treatment for a variety of communication disorders, including problems affecting auditory and reading comprehension, verbal and written expression, memory, orientation, voice, swallowing, social skills and attention and concentration.

Therapeutic Recreation - The Therapeutic Recreation Therapist works with you and your team to eliminate barriers, develop skills and provide opportunities for you to develop and maintain an appropriate leisure lifestyle following changes in physical, mental, emotional or social abilities.

Admissions Coordinator -  Working with the medical team, the Admissions Coordinator determines whether admission to the facility is recommended. A patient's admission is based on clinical judgment, insurance limitations and admissions criteria. Once your admission is approved, the Admissions Coordinator introduces you and your family to the unit and your team.

Neuropsychologist -  This team member has specialized training in the inter-relationship between the brain and behavior. Testing administered by the neuropsychologist helps determine intellectual, cognitive and personality function. The neuropsychologist may also provide family counseling to help with the adjustment to the new disability.

Neuro Optometrist - The neuro optometrist is responsible for diagnosing the visual impairment and directing the treatment approach for you. Visual impairments commonly seen in Acute Rehab patients include double vision, impaired visual perception and partial vision.

Behavioral Health - Behavioral health professionals may meet with you for counseling to help in dealing with the emotional impact of your illness or injury. This important team member can also help you develop effective coping skills.  This service is also available for your family members while you are in the hospital, as well as for both you and your family after you have been discharged.

Respiratory Therapy - The respiratory therapist works with the team to help control and alleviate respiratory problems and to teach you how to achieve the highest functional capacity to carry out the activities of daily living.

Spiritual Care Services - Spiritual care staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet with you and your family.


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