Cancer Support Services

You are a survivor from the day of your diagnosis. We are here to surround you with support.

A cancer diagnosis is a beginning, not an end. From the day of your diagnosis, we provide services to help support you and your family.

We support you and your family with:

  • Inner Beauty: a specialty salon for cancer survivors
  • Counseling to help you cope with the emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis
  • Support groups and programs to help you connect with other survivors
  • Nutrition to boost your health during and after treatment
  • Social services to support your recovery
  • Physical wellness and cancer exercise classes
  • Financial counseling and assistance
  • Lymphedema services to reduce pain and increase movement

Generous funding from the Harper family, the Methodist Hospital Foundation the Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital Foundation and the Board of the Wings of Hope Cancer Support Center offer these and other services to those impacted by cancer.

Inner Beauty: A Specialty Salon for Cancer Survivors

Cancer treatment can cause unpleasant side effects to your hair, skin and body. At Methodist, we’re dedicated to helping your inner beauty shine. Our clinical cosmetologists and certified mastectomy fitters will work with you to create a comprehensive, individualized appearance plan that may include:

  • Makeup and skin care
  • Garment and prosthesis fittings following a mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Scarf and hat styling demonstrations
  • Wig fitting

Learn more about this specialty salon and request an individual consultation.

Shop the Inner Beauty online store for items hand-picked by our Inner Beauty team for you and your needs. Items include hats and products for skin care, hair care and wig care. We conveniently ship directly to you.

Harper's Hope

Methodist Health System provides cancer support groups and Harper's Hope survivor services to cancer survivors regardless of where they go for cancer treatment, no matter if they are newly diagnosed or a longtime survivor. 

Learn more about Harper's Hope, and the services they offer.


Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope assists cancer survivors and their families with support groups and cancer education programs to southwest Iowa and the Omaha metro region.

Learn more about Wings of Hope.


We also offer cancer support groups. Check our calendar for dates and times.