Omaha Health Care Workers Get Engaged in 'Uplifting' Proposal at Work Amid Coronavirus

Just after midnight less than a week ago, Jason Heimes and Ashley Jensen sat down together for their “lunch” break.

The couple, who work at Omaha’s Methodist Hospital, were taking a break from their 12-hour overnight shift. Heimes, a registered nurse, works on the sixth floor of the hospital’s North Tower in the Progressive Care Unit, which deals with patients with COVID-19. Jensen, a certified nursing assistant, works in the Short Stay Unit on the fifth floor of the South Tower.

As usual, the night was long. They dealt with stress, anxiety and fatigue.

But that night, Heimes wanted to create a moment that his girlfriend wouldn’t forget.

Omaha World-Herald: Omaha health care workers get engaged in 'uplifting' proposal at work amid coronavirus