"It's Really Tough": Pandemic Stresses Adding to Postpartum Depression

Katie Elder is like most busy moms with two kids, doing activities and isolating at home. And like many moms, she experienced symptoms of postpartum depression after giving birth in March.

"Being home with a 3-year-old and a newborn is really tough. Just knowing that you can't go out is kind of the hard part," she said.

Katie is limiting outside exposure to protect her newborn baby and family from COVID-19 -- stress that is weighing heavily on many moms.

"Postpartum depression affects one in eight women. So this is already something that is very common at baseline. And then you add to that a worldwide pandemic during a time of pregnancy and childbirth for somebody, and this could really amplify that," Methodist Women's Hospital maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Emily Patel said.

KMTV: Pandemic stresses adding to postpartum depression