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Nurse Eileen: Hospice Care on a Personal Level [Video]

Meet Methodist Home Health and Hospice Nurse Case Manager, Eileen Heitman, who takes care of end-of-life patients and their families with compassion and humor.

Nurses: A Call to Care [Video]

In this video supplement to the Spring 2017 issue of The Meaning of Care magazine, four nurses are asked about what inspires them in their career.

Methodist Hospice Team Helps Ease the End-of-Life Journey

The Methodist Hospice team helps ease the end-of-life journey by asking what is wanted most, acting on the answer and truly connecting with the patients and families under their care.

The Reasons Behind the Call to Care

No matter what department they find themselves in, Methodist nurses deliver The Meaning of Care in unfathomable ways with unwavering care and compassion. Three Methodist Health System nurses share the reasons behind their career choice.

84 Years Later, Methodist Hospital Baby Revisits Birthplace

Don Almy, born at Nebraska Methodist Hospital in 1932, travels from Arizona to reconnect with his childhood. 

Focusing on the Big Picture - Rich Pollard [Video]

Rich Pollard is giving back despite his diagnosis.