A letter of thanks for compassionate care...

I had surgery on August 28 at Methodist and from the moment I checked in at pre-op, until I checked out the following day, I was continually impressed by the efficient and compassionate care that I received.

After surgery I was moved to a room for an overnight stay. The first shift nurse and assistant were Janet and Jill; the next shift was Heath and Tony, and the last Ashley and Jennifer. They provided exceptional care and were just pleasant to be with.

I don't know the name of the security person who helped my daughter-in-law find my car to get my overnight bag, but many thanks to them also.

And lastly, the food was good, and the rice Krispy treats were awesome!

I've had some experience with hospitals in other cities that were not pleasant. Thanks to all your staff for their exceptional work!

No one really wants to be in a hospital, but people like those on your staff make the stay not just tolerable, but pleasant.

Margaret Bushon, patient