my.bestcare FAQs

What is my.Bestcare?

my.Bestcare is a private, secure online portal for patients of Methodist Health System. Think of it as a helpful tool to give you and your family easy online access to your health information and many of our care providers.

How do I sign up to use My.Bestcare?

There are two ways to sign up for My.Bestcare:

1. At your provider's office. To get started, ask the receptionist at your clinic for enrollment information. You will need to present a valid photo I.D. in order to create your patient portal account.

2. Online at home. To do so, you will need your medical record number found on one of your Methodist billing statements. Once you have located your medical record number, you will be able to self-enroll in My.Bestcare by clicking here.

I signed up for my.Bestcare, but have not received my email invitation. What should I do?

1. Check your junk mail folder. Your email invitation from may be there.
2. After confirming you do not have the e-mail invitation, please call your care provider’s office and ask the staff to send you another.

Who can answer technical support questions?

Starting with your email invitation, follow the instructions you will see online to sign on and activate your account. If you have any difficulty activating your account or using my.Bestcare, please call the following toll-free number.

Telephone support for my.Bestcare is provided by Cerner Health and available  24 hours a day, 7 days of the week at (877) 621-8014.

Whom can I enroll on my.Bestcare?

As an adult, you can enroll yourself and any of your children who are age 17 or younger.

As a parent, will I be able to view my children’s health information and manage their health information on my.Bestcare after they turn 18?

No, after an enrolled child turns 18, the child’s information automatically drops off the parent’s my.Bestcare account. The child will need to enroll as an adult by signing up in person, with photo I.D., at his or her care provider’s office.

Can I make appointments with and send messages to any Methodist Health System care provider through my.Bestcare?

Not at this time. Your care provider, clinic or hospital staff can confirm whether you can make an appointment or send a message to a particular care provider. Providers’ names will display on a drop-down menu after you have activated your account and logged on.

Is my.Bestcare online communication intended to replace telephone contact with my care provider’s office?

No, you are welcome and encouraged to call your care provider’s office. This is simply another option for you to use, if you wish, for routine matters that do not require an immediate reply.

What is the turnaround time for replies to messages I send through my.Bestcare?

During regular business hours, we will make every to respond to your online request within 24 hours. However, we cannot review messages received after business hours, on holidays, or during weekends until the next business day.

What if I see an error in the information on my account?

Please send a message through my.Bestcare or call your care provider’s office.

What about return visits to my.Bestcare?

Go to and sign in using your password and email or user name. You might choose to bookmark my.bestcare as a website favorite for added convenience.

Read the my.Bestcare brochure.