Visiting Hours & Policy

Adult family members, as designated by the patient, are welcome 24 hours a day at the patient's bedside
according to patient preference, However, Methodist Health System care team may reserve the right to
restrict hours of visitation and number of family members based on the plan of care.

Visitors (non-family adults and children/adolescents) are welcome until 8:30 p.m.

Children and dependent adults must be accompanied by an adult (not the patient) who will be responsible
for his/her supervision. There may be further restrictions in specialty care units

Family and Visitors:

  • Must be free of communicable diseases and comply with infection control regulations.
  • Must follow posted regulations and hospital policies.
  • May not engage in loud, disruptive, threatening or violent behavior of any kind.

Patient Information: (402) 815-4000

Call a patient room directly by dailing (402) 815 + patient room number

“No Information” Status

If you do not want anyone to know you are in the hospital, you may ask to be a “No Information” patient. Any inquiries about you would be met with the response, “We have no record of a patient by that name.”