Childbirth Education at Methodist Women's Hospital

As a precautionary response to COVID-19,  all on-site childbirth education classes and support groups are canceled until further notice. We thank you for your help in ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients, visitors and staff. In lieu of hospital tours, expectant families are encouraged to prepare for their baby's delivery by watching the video below.

We help you be the best parent you can with classes designed to help new moms and dads care for their newly born baby.

Methodist Women's Hospital offers an array of classes on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, taking care of your baby, and more. We are committed to helping families transition into the next phase in their life—whether it's a first child, multiples, or helping a sibling with a new baby in the home.

How to register

To register for Methodist Women's Hospital Childbirth Education classes or tours, including costs (if applicable for the course), visit our class calendar for dates and registration information.

Prepared childbirth education classes

From Belly Bump to Bassinet - (Six-week course)

This course helps you and your partner prepare for the birth of your baby by techniques for labor, the importance of birthing partners and learning how to care for a newborn. This class helps educate you to make informed decisions to define your birth experience and includes "Breastfeeding Basics" and a tour of Methodist Women's Hospital. Cost: $65

From Belly Bump to Bassinet – Saturday class

A condensed version of the six-week course, this day-long class focuses on the educational aspect of labor, delivery and newborn care. This class includes a tour of Methodist Women’s Hospital and lunch is provided. Register separately for “Breastfeeding Basics.” Cost: $80

From A to Z – Essential Tools for a Natural Birth Experience - Nine weeks

If you desire a natural childbirth without medication, this interactive course provides education, activities and guided meditation for you and birth partner to achieve a relaxed and holistic pregnancy and childbirth experience. This class includes "Breastfeeding Basics" and a tour of Methodist Women's Hospital. Cost: $120

From Contractions to Cuddling—An Encore - Evening class

Geared toward parents who already have children, this course proves information on current delivery techniques as well as a refresher on breathing and comfort techniques. Cost: $25

Bringing Bundles of Joy into the World - Two weeks

For parents expecting multiples, this class covers labor, delivery, feeding and parenting to help you get ready for your adventure with multiples. Cost: $30

Big Kid Basics

Children (ages 3-12) prepare for their new sibling with activities geared toward helping your child take an active role in his or her new baby brother's or sister's care. The class includes a children's tour of the mother-baby floor. Cost: $10 per child (effective 4/13/17).

Family & Friends Baby Prep

This newborn basics class is a great opportunity for anyone who will be caring for or spending significant time with your baby. Cost: $10 per participant

Breastfeeding Basics

Learn the benefits of breastfeeding and helpful tips to begin breastfeeding successfully. This material is covered in the 6-week session of "Belly Bump to Bassinet" and “A to Z.” Your partner or support person is encouraged to attend class with you. Cost: $10

Expectant Family Tour

For adults only, free tours of the hospital including the areas where mothers and babies receive care are available on selected mornings and evenings. Advanced registration is required. Tours for children are provided in the "Big Kid Basics" class.

Tours are for expectant parents only. Children are not allowed on tours, however, a limited tour is included in the Big Kids (siblings) class.


How to register

To register and pay (if applicable for the course) for Methodist Women's Hospital Childbirth Education classes or tours, visit our class calendar for dates and registration information.

Support for after baby arrives

Back to Work & Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms will get helpful advice from our lactation consultants to ease the return to the workplace. Visit our class calendar for dates and information.

Baby & Me

This free, interactive class allows you and your baby to bond and share experiences with other moms while gaining tips and reassurance from a certified Methodist Women's lactation consultant who leads the hour-long sessions. Visit our class calendar for dates and information.

Infant CPR

This Friends and Family CPR program is a great opportunity for family members, friends, and members of the general community who want to learn CPR, but do not need a course completion card. The program contains information on basic CPR skills or adults, children, and infants and how to help an adult, child, or infant who is choking. Cost: $15 per person. Visit our class calendar for dates and registration information.


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