Methodist Hospital and Jennie Edmundson Hospital work closely to align eligible patients with national research studies designed to advance medical knowledge, prevent disease and improve outcomes. Both hospitals also participate in national research protocol groups that provide physicians and patients access to and guidance on the use of investigational drugs and therapies.

"We see the impact of our research every day. One of our I-ELCAP participants, who was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer, had the lobe of one lung removed. Because the cancer was detected and treated so very early, he did not require chemotherapy or radiation therapy."

Josie Abboud, RN, BSN, MBA, President and CEO of Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital

International Early Lung Cancer Action Program

One trial producing exceptional results is the International Early Detection Study at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. Patrick Meyers, MD, pulmonologist, acts as lead investigator for the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program , or I-ELCAP, a research study that is helping to advance knowledge and improve survival rates.  Methodist is one of 50 I-ELCAP screening sites worldwide and the only site in a 15-state region. The study includes an initial risk factor analysis. Those who qualify undergo annual low-dose "Lung Look" CT scans of the chest, which are reveiwed by specialists from Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center.