Lactation Services

We are here to help you make feeding your baby a fulfilling and positive experience.

We are here to ensure you and your baby can enjoy the many benefits of breastfeeding, including a very close and special mother-baby relationship. A mother's milk has all the nutrition needed to keep a baby healthy. Very rarely is there a medical or physical reason that a woman cannot breastfeed her baby.

Lactation consultation

Our lactation consultants are available to provide specialized one-on-one care to help with breastfeeding questions or challenges. Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital's lactation consultants are a source of information and encouragement by providing specialized one-on-one care and instruction to help new mothers breastfeed successfully.

Lactation consultants are available to meet after delivery while moms are still in the hospital at any time of the day or night. After discharge, a lactation consultant will follow up with you periodically by phone throughout your breastfeeding experience. They will also offer advice and support to breastfeeding mothers by appointment, phone or e-mail.

Lactation consultants can assist in many ways, including:

  • Knowing if your baby is getting enough milk.
  • Teaching how to nurse multiples or babies with special needs.
  • Training to pump and store milk safely.
  • Evaluating breast pain or infections.

Support groups and resources

The following class and support group can offer education and support to mothers who are preparing to breastfeed their babies or are currently breastfeeding:

"Baby and Me" support group

Provides education and reassurance to new mothers with babies ages newborn to 12 months.

Prenatal breastfeeding classes

Free classes are offered the fourth Saturday of every month from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.  Registration required.

Registering for classes

Please visit our event calendar and filter search by “Birth & New Baby Education – IA” to view and register for available classes.


Lactation Consultants
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