Cardiac Rehabilitation

We establish a cardiac rehabilitation plan to help you heal and stay healthy through your lifetime. 

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Methodist Hospital provides services for all stages of rehabilitation including inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation as well as assistance with lifetime maintenance and heart failure management services.

Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation begins while the patient is in the hospital, recovering from a cardiac event. Rehabilitation focuses on diet, exercise and smoking cessation.

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

After your discharge, you can return to Methodist Hospital for supervised programs in fitness facilities designed especially for cardiac patients. Each session includes:

  • Exercise with EKG monitoring
  • Education on risk factor modifications
  • Smoking cessation
  • Diet and exercise
  • Stress management
  • Cholesterol management

This program is designed by a team of registered nurses, exercise physiologists and your cardiologist to meet your individual needs.

Heart failure management services

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation also provides heart failure management service. The program prescribes a comprehensive plan to help you manage the symptoms of heart failure and maintain an optimal quality of life.

Recognized for Quality Patient Care for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Consumer Choice Award

Methodist Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation received a 5-Star Award from Professional Research Consultants for excellent patient ratings of overall quality of care.


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