Perinatal & Newborn Loss at Methodist Women's Hospital

Pregnancy is an exciting and hopeful time. However, experiencing the loss of a baby during pregnancy, delivery, or shortly after, can be devastating.  No matter how or why your pregnancy ended, you deserve and need time to grieve in the best way for you as an individual.

Customized care

We encourage all women and their partners to find support from the caring staff at Methodist Women's Hospital and in the community.

We will customize care to help women who have or will experience a perinatal loss including:

  • pain control
  • music
  • privacy or visitors
  • comfort care for the baby
  • time with your baby
  • photographs and other keepsakes

Women and their families also receive support from a perinatal comfort care liaison, social worker and hospital chaplain as requested.


Spiritual Care Services
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Additional Resources

Navigating grief and loss is a deeply personal experience, but it is always important to feel supported. In addition to consulting with a licensed mental health professional or counselor, there are many helpful resources available to help in your healing process, both in our community and online.